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Work For Money, Design For Love, review.

So i just wanted to give a (very) short review on David Aireys‘ latest book. I picked it up a while ago and have been engrossed in it ever since, … Continue reading

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The Iconic London Underground Typeface Turns 100

              “The typeface was commissioned in 1913 by Frank Pick, Commercial Manager of the London Electric Railway Company (also known as ‘The Underground Group’), … Continue reading

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American Airlines – Sneak Peek

In December, the iconic company American Airlines filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is a very early stage of a re-brand i am doing, with the intention of using generative … Continue reading

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Not design related, but extremely cool anyway.

Just discovered this amazing video courtesy of my friend Dan Rawlings, that cat produces some of the most amazing cut-metal artwork i’ve ever seen so you should all go check … Continue reading

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Creative Freedom

            Figured i’d kick-start this thing with a few pieces of old work. A couple of Illustrations i did last year for a print-based project. … Continue reading

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A Wee Introduction

So this is the first post, of a new damn blog, and i swear to the lord i will regularly update this one. It only makes sense to say a … Continue reading

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